Welcome to the Canadian Bully Breeds Association

Who We Are:

The Canadian Bully Breeds Association is Established for the preservation, improvement and education of bully breeds.  Providing a vibrant, customized club & registry distinctly for Canadian & North American Breeders and oldbulldogclipartfanciers.

The association was founded for breeders, owners, enthusiasts and fanciers passionate about their bully breeds.

The CBBA sets a Priority in providing the Highest level of Personalized Service.
We set a precedence on providing one on one time with each of our breeders. Founded in 2009.

~We Are Your Bully Breed Specialists~

What We Offer:

We are committed to sharing our knowledge, skills and educational resources. Offering bully owner support and tips on rearing, training and development.

We are the after the sale and you get the puppy home support network.

We Offer breeders across Canada & North America an Independent Registry service for keeping track of their breedingbullmastiff programs and dogs lineages.

Our Roster of Breeders are diverse, who with all our collective experiences provide an extensive and vast amount of resources to anyone who asks. We invite you to participate in our programs and services.

Our Mission:

  • To provide an outlet for Canadian & North American Bulldogger Enthusiasts.
  • To encourage sterling sportsmanship among our co-fanciers.
  • To Promote & Advance recognition and knowledge of Bulldog breeds, both established & those in development.
  • To provide education & awareness and a compilation of bulldog breed resources.
  • To provide a support network for bully breed owners.
  • To provide a specialized registry exclusively for bulldog breeders.
  • To provide a fresh new approach to the development of bullbreeds.IE: We are color friendly and designer friendly; motivated by recognizing our fellow breeders of the past who created the breeds we know and love today. We are capable of what our ancestors were capable of doing, plus we have the added bonus of modern day technology and more knowledge of the canine genome than ever before.
  • To Provide an authentic, independent discrete service for professional fanciers.

Our Philosophy


Dedicated to preserving the heritage of rare bull breeds, new breeds in development and established breeds.

Every breed you know today was developed and created from scratch. Through years of selective breeding these dogs would become the purebred breeds we know today.

Honoring the breeders who came before us, who broke trail and set the standard.

We offer a unique breed specific registry specialized exclusively for bull and molosser breeds, We are the only one like it in Canada.

oldbulldogclipartWe as members and breeders know how important registering your dogs and keeping track of your breeding program is.

We encourage you to join us and see what a difference a no grief, no hassle registry can do to improve and inspire your feelings on getting your papers processed.

Join us & Experience Professional Quality, that Caters to You & Your Bullies.

*Our Pledge is our dedication to listening to what breeders want and taking the steps to provide those essentials.

Many of our members Dual or Multi-Register their bullies.

You may be asking yourself why do I need to dual register?

It’s always good to have back up pedigrees by other organizations of your breed, you may find an exceptional specimine of your breed but its registered with a different organization. By dual or multi registering you could have access to other bloodlines other breeders, more resources and education on your breed. This opens up huge options and resources to you as a fancier.

If you are already registered with another registry, Please Join Us we will honor and recognize registry papers from the following organizations as well as papers from foreign countries.

WBA: World Bulldog Alliance

IOEBA: International Olde English Bulldogge Association

NBA: National Bulldogge Association

OBBA: Olde Bulldogge Breed Association

UCA: United Canine Association

VBA: Victorian Bulldogge Association

ABKC: American Bully Kennel Club

If you have any questions or need help registering your dogs, please contact us, we have extensive experience in this field.

We make it easy to understand and will walk you through filling out the paperwork.

old55The crossbreeding of dogs is a controversial and delicate subject. we want to help breeders who choose this option to do it with purpose and dedication.

The outcrossing of dogs in no way dissolves a pedigree, contrary to myth.

A pedigree is the “family tree” on a dog, whether it is crossed with another breed it still has parents,  grandparents and great grandparents on both sides; it still carries a genealogical history behind it.

We encourage the proper documenting of hybrid crosses, many people crossbreed dogs for the sole purpose of creating healthier more vigorous offspring.

Understanding Hybrid Vigor: The outcrossing of two totally unrelated inbred lines or two completely different breeds of dogs creates a phenomenon of genetic vigor in the offspring called “hybrid vigor” creating a heartier more active, less depressed genetic pool on the first generation outcross or F1.

If you are breeder who chooses to outcross any of the bully breeds, we are here to help keep a genuine pedigree data keeping system for your hybrids.  We understand the many reasons why people choose to breed alternatively.

Let us help you document those important decisions.

Email us to discuss your options

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