The Canadian Bully Breeds Registry 

Forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

We are dedicated to providing dependable, superior service.

Why should you use our Registry?

  • Fast, Reliable Service: You will receive your papers in a timely manner, prompt turn around on your paperwork, with a no grief, no hassle service. No penalizing on late puppy papers.
  • Quality: We are dedicated to providing accurate,  superior quality designed certificates, the kind to represent the dedication and time you as a breeder have put into your dogs and bloodlines.
  • Exclusive Service: We offer registration services for established breeds, rare breeds, breeds in the developmental stages and foundation stock with attention to detail on what breeds were used. We won’t change a prefix if a dog is resold to another breeder, this is what keeping a solid pedigree is about.
  • We honor foreign registrations, dual registrations, and will help you re-establish lost or canceled registrations. We realize the many reasons why a dogs papers may become unavailable due to reasons beyond your control.
  • Strong Principals: We require a picture to accompany every single dog registration.
    We reserve the right to deny registration if we feel there is lack of information or indiscriminate breeding has taken place or any unethical behavior.
  • Honesty:  If we make a mistake on your papers or in some other area of service, we want you to tell us.  Your satisfaction is important to us. We want your feedback to better our services to you.



Note:  You don’t need to be a registered kennel with the CBBA to register your dogs; However we highly recommend you do,  to protect your interests in the fancy and the dogs used in your breeding program as well as any subsequent litters you may produce.  CBBA Kennel Name Registration

*Photo of your Dog is Required For Single Dog Registration*

  • We Require a Photo of your dog to be included with the single dog registration form. please send a Shot of the dog standing in a natural stacked position with a good angle of the head; and side shot of body. The photo will be saved in the CBBA archives and be added onto the dogs certificate for signature verification, protecting the authentication of each individual registered. 

Photos can also be emailed to the CBBA.


  • We can expedite your papers via express post for $20, please specify if you require this service.


CBBA Kennel Name Registration $50

CBBA Single Dog Registration $25

CBBA Litter Registration $25

CBBA New Breed Recognition $200


(NOTE: Both parents must be in our registrar to register a litter)
*If you breed to an outside stud that isn’t registered with the CBBA, we can file the studs data for a $10 fee so your pups have a proper documented lineage behind them.*
Note:  We can also post mail these forms to you at no cost, just let us know your postal address and we’ll get these out to you promptly.

Mail Completed Forms to:

Box#211 Ymir, BC
V0G 2K0

Forms and photos can be emailed to or sent through cbba facebook messenger for faster processing.


updated Jan. 2022