The following is a comprehensive list of breeds the cbba registers.

Designer & Rare Breed List:

Note: as breeds are developed and recognized this list will be added to.

  • If you have a bull or molosser breed not on this list and would like to register it with the CBBA please contact us to discuss.
  • If you are working on a new breed or breed in development and need a record keeping system of your dogs pedigrees, we can help document and preserve your line, contact us to learn more.

Designer Bulls

The CBBA Offers a foundation stock recording service for designer bull breeds.
The CBBA requires breeders who do “designers” to provide proper documented crosses, state their foundations and the lineages on both the sire and dam as far back as possible.

  • If a breeder wishes to register a new breed they are creating, the CBBA requests a Written Standard; All foundation breeds used in the breed must be noted.
  • New breeds registered will be recorded within the CBBA conservation database and will be classified as the parent registry for the preservation of the breeds’ historical data, genetic development, origins, written standards, and the documentation of breeders & bloodlines involved.
  • Purebred status is based on percentages & recorded generational  stock
  • The CBBA registry is a private database solely for the breeder.